Why do people like these 5 best guitar brands?

best guitar brands


When I first hold the guitar in my hand, I had a very rich feeling. That was Ashton’s guitar of my cousin and I was like wow!

Suddenly, my cousin started suggesting you should buy this or this guitar and suggested a few brand names. But I decided that I will buy from the best guitar brands. However, I was confused that which are the best guitar brands for beginners in India or the best acoustic guitar brands. Later, I figured this out.

Do you also have the similar question?

Don’t worry at all!

This article will clear all your doubts.

In this article, I will be telling you the best guitar brands in India for beginners. It will be covering for both – acoustic guitar and best electric guitar brands as well.

I will also be sharing the best guitar brands with prices so you don’t have to go anywhere. By the way, you can easily find out the price of these best guitar brands in India under 10000.

So, we can start the story! 

Here are the top 5 guitar brands in India.


best guitar brands

Kadence is one of the best guitar brands in Indian market. The quality is just uncomparable at the prices. It’s guitar has durability and definitely, gives you a feeling of a premium guitar even at a low cost.

Sound quality is specially considered while building it and of course, easy to use.

Kadence has both products: electric guitars and also acoustic one. However, you may find a less variety as it has limited options to choose.

It’s famous acoustic guitars’ series and most loved, purchased one is Kadence Frontier which provides you at a very affordable price.

It’s acoustic  guitar has three series – Frontier, Slowhand  and Acoustica and the brand also deals with Ukulele guitars.

The price range starts from around 3.5k and the last is around 18k. 

Common comments of its users are: amazing colours, fingerprint attraction, nice grip with glossy touch and premium guitar at affordable price.

If you are thinking of an affordable guitar for beginners, definitely check out Kadence here.


best guitar brands

Fender is a reputed brand in the market. The quality of guitar it produces is just amazing and gives you a feeling of a full premium guitar.

Fender doesn’t compromise with it’s quality and hence, became it is reputed. It has a huge collection of guitars with variance and yes, people also like it because it provides guitar in different looks with a variety of colours so it’s easy to choose according to the choices.

It has exclusive body shapes and the killer sound makes it lovable immediately.

As the variety stays, the price range also varies a lot. It starts with 5k and the last it goes around 32k.

It’s built is amazing and the property is resonating.

Fender doesn’t disappoint it’s users and maintains crystal clear sound quality.

You can find its electric guitar as well which also has good user reviews.

If you are thinking about Fender, surely check it out here.


best guitar brands

Ashton has similar sound quality but is known for its extreme finishings which emphasizes the users. The sound box is made with good material which echoes the sound gently and hence produces soft string sounds.

It’s built very well and you won’t feel any issue with notes and intonation. You will feel the action amazing and it would feel like the guitar’s sound is bell when you play it.

It is an appropriate guitar for beginners and intermediates. It also falls into the category of best affordable guitars.

The price range is from 5k to around 12k and such a premium guitar at this price is not less than a blessing.

Brand also deals in Ukelele and that too has good quality.

It’s best and most preferred guitar is Natural Finish Cutway. It is a decent one with a pleasing sound. Its contours are sharp and the shape is attractive. Best for beginners.

  If you are just starting, you can try this one. Find the details here.


best guitar brands

 Ibanez is a huge guitar brands in India. It is known by the name in the market. It has a huge collection of various guitars, variety in the prices of guitars, variety of colors, huge choices of guitars for beginners, for intermediate and for professionals.

It is one of the best guitar brands in terms of quality. Most of the brands have the issue of having less collection of electric guitar and more of acoustic guitar, but this is not the case with Ibanez. It has a huge collection for both.

If you are seriously searching for an electric guitar for beginners, Ibanez is the right option without any single doubt.

It’s killing looks make the audience its fan. People have liked its guitar with Sunburst color all the time.  

One of the best things about Ibanez is its guitars are light weighted and budget friendly with decent sound.

The price normally starts from 3.5k and the last price is around 90k which includes the prices of both – electric and acoustic guitars.

Definitely go for it, if you are looking for the best affordable guitar brand.

Check it out here.

And the number one in the market is none other than,


best guitar brands

Yamaha is like the king in the market. People can blindly trust their guitars. Since it is the best quality guitar brand, no one doubts its quality and brand name.

Yamaha has the most affordable guitars for beginners and off course, with the premium quality from the brand. 

It has many series for both acoustic and electric guitars. 

Playing Yamaha guitars is a separate traditional vibe with superb acoustic sound. It is not wrong at all if it is said that Yamaha produces next high level guitars. It’s dynamic nature, build quality, sound quality, playability all are next level things.

As mentioned about its series, you will be able to find guitars at different prices as per your affordability, as per your level of playing and of your colour and size choice.

Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar is the multi-award winning guitar. The sleek Yamaha F310 is comfortable and the short length of the scale makes the wires easy to play without compromising the sound of the metal. Extremely powerful and impressive sound quality combined with durability and stability, dedicated to all professionals and students. This Yamaha F310 is one of the best acoustic guitar brands in philippines.

Its guitars lead to high durability as they have passed numerous and strict quality checks and tests, and thus, stability could be maintained.

It has a purely comfortable guitar brand for beginners in India. Customer satisfaction is the most common review of its users.

Yamaha guitars’ price list starts with 5k and the last is around 25k.

You can check it out here.

Here were all the details. I hope you enjoyed the article.

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